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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Thank you!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

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Standing strong in solidarity.

Supporting the protectors of our land.

Clean water. NOT dirty oil.


- Amy Ta’ah George, standing on Burnaby Mountain

November 2014

Originally posted on RED POWER MEDIA:

Reuben George Amy George Grand Chief Stewart Phillip -- Burnaby Mountain Reuben George, Amy George and Grand Chief Stewart Phillip — Burnaby Mountain

Nov 29, 2014 | By Black Powder

On Thursday, Rueben George, watched over Amy George, as her and Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, along with other indigenous leaders were arrested for crossing the police line at the lower Kinder Morgan drilling site on Burnaby mountain.

Amy George is a 71-year-old Tsleil-Waututh elder, a pipe carrier, a sundancer and a spirit dancer. She is also the daughter of Chief Dan George, and the mother of Rueben George, a Sundance Chief, and longtime critic of the Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion proposal.

Elder Amy George crosses the police line into the police-protected Kinder Morgan work site. Photos by Mychaylo Prystupa. Elder Amy George crosses the police line into the police-protected Kinder Morgan work site. Photo by Mychaylo Prystupa.

Prior to the arrests, a host of First Nation leaders made speeches denouncing the Albertan oil industry and its impacts on people living downstream of the oil sands.

“Warrior up!” people shouted,  as Amy George, denounced the…

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My primal wound
Gushes forth
Like a maddened volcano

Spilling and spewing out
It’s red-hot, lava-like blood
Down the sides
Of it’s own mountaintop

From far away,
What a wondrous, miraculous sight to behold
This awesome manifesto
Of heart’s inner core

My life’s desire
Cresting on fiery waves
With determined healing

Fate cries out
Freedom! Hope!
Come now and birth thyself
Into flowing, glowing rivers
Of silver-crusted, molten rock

Force thy yearning self
Through this softened, ripened cervix
Of my heart

I am tired, torn, and beaten
Almost completely worn-out

Yet suddenly now quickened
Bearing down on fiery eruptions
Of crowning heads held high
In liquid amber-golden flame

My voice screaming out
An urgent alarum
In anguished sounds
Near threshold pain

Can a country,
Be brought forth in a day?
Or a nation in a moment?
Who will welcome this grand arrival
Of emergent newborn life?

Come now, Love
Writhe thy pulsating self
Through this groundswell birth canal

Perforce with vigor
Through this smouldering hot
Raging and rimmed Ring of Fire

Thrust thy meek and mighty self
Into hallowed presaged destiny

Mother’s womb is gone
Child now is born
Breathing has begun
Angels sing their songs

Victory swords are drawn
This battle will be won
Time now has come
For we have seen the dawn

Tell me,
Would we die a certain death?
If we could feel the burning spot?
In God’s own manifold soul.

Jennifer Steel
October 2004
Isaiah 66:8 (NIV)


For more information on Mount St. Helens:

Photo image of Mount St. Helens. Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.

I have been working on the poem, MY PRIMAL WOUND: MOUNT ST. HELENS’ MUSE, for over ten years. And it still is not complete. But, this is the best draft, so far. I get caught up in not knowing where to put commas and other punctuation, so it looks like I did my best to make this poem, punctuation free.

I would like some visual art to go with this poem. I am looking at a few artists right now and will be asking someone to do a commission piece. More on that to come. I am also interested in an audio piece to go with this poem. Something orchestral. I have someone in mind and will be making a request for a commission piece shortly. More on that to come.

If you are moved by this poem and have any suggestions for it’s dynamic life, then please contact me.



You are not alone.


NO! I am not bipolar.

I have been diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), a result from my experiences, being raised in a war zone, called family.

I am bemused and perplexed by this diagnosis of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

How can it be a disorder, when it seems a primal reaction, to severe trauma and stress? Fair to say, that not everyone reacts to trauma, in the same way.

From my own experience, the hard part of having PTSD, is when I get stuck in the trauma mindset and can’t get unstuck. Meanwhile, the traumatic event has long come and gone.

This is how my body physiologically reacts, during times of panic and stress:

my adrenaline spikes up high, above and beyond, an average person’s adrenaline peak; it plateaus at a high range, then takes a long time, for my body to gradually return, to a healthy state of rest.

PTSD is an odd disorder. It is mentally and physically painful. It is chronic and does not get better with time, without the care of others, who understand PTSD.

The diagnosis of Complex PTSD is helping me, like a road map, to navigate where I am, where I am going and how to get there.

Within the context of Complex PTSD, I am learning to be strong, when weak; humble, when proud; and persevering, when all I want to do, is give up and die alone.

It is a great comfort, for me to research, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), identify symptoms and know that, YES, this is what is going on for me!

If you have been to hell and back, you will not be surprised, to find yourself feeling a wee bit off or odd, nutty or crazy, mental or insane, lost or out of it or whatever it is, you may want to call, how you are feeling.

You, do not need a diagnosis, to understand yourself better, but it sure does help me.

I have no magical cure for PTSD, but I can ease some of the symptoms, when I practice these following points:

• Plant seeds of compassion and understanding

• Weed out useless thinking

• Fertilize healthy thinking

• Feed helpful habits

• Practice patience

• Laugh and Play

• Sleep and Rest

• Eat and Drink healthy

• Breathe

• Be a friend

I have a framework, I can now build on, to create the legacy, I want to leave behind. Step by step and moment by moment, I am becoming a gentle soul.

I made a commitment to myself and others, to not harm or injure myself, without talking to someone, first.

I made a commitment to myself and others, to talk with and not ignore the person, who shows subtle signs of suicide or outright says, they want to end their life.

For the rest of my life, I will live in a state of mental Triage. I daily and hourly, assess my mental health, moods, emotions, mindsets, and physical strength.
I use self-care, as a daily tool, to prevent illnesses and guard against pre-mature death.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, has also helped me, become me.

For more information on PTSD check out:

Thank you for being here. Thank you for letting me share. Be gentle with yourself.

You are loved. You are safe. You are secure.

There is hope. To be continued.

Jennifer Steel,
Burnaby, BC,

Original Post: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on September 11th 2013.

First Revision: There Is Always Hope on September 6th 2014.

Second Revision: There Is Always Hope: Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (my story) on October 12th 2014.

Thank you for sharing your support and comments.

Leonard Peltier Markz Seventy Yearz



Originally posted on Moorbey'z Blog:

'free LEONARD PELTIER' / Trumbullplex (Anarchi... ‘free LEONARD PELTIER’ / Trumbullplex (Anarchist housing collective) / Detroit, Michigan / March 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friend —

Greetings my Friends, Relatives and Supporters

I want to send you all this personal message on what is now my 70th Birthday. I really want to thank you all for your years and years of support and love, I would have never made it this long without your love and support.  As you can imagine, it has been a VERY long path. At times, more difficult than I could have ever imagined.  I don’t regret any of it for one minute.

It has been my honor to stand up for my Native brothers and sisters and all good peoples of the world.  I am very proud to have fought what we call “the good fight” for our future generations. For me, there is no other way.  Unfortunately, we have…

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STOP DROP ROBOT an electronic rock band, that hail from Sheffield, UK!


Stop Drop Robot, aka SDR, is an electronic rock band, that hail from Sheffield, UK.

Photo courtesy of Lady Corvid G:
Lady Corvid G and Drummer Dan, at Stop Drop Robot’s wicked set at the opening night, of Players Bar, Wakefield, UK, on August 15th 2014.


Stop Drop Robot, aka SDR, is an electronic rock band, that hails from Sheffield, UK.

I asked frontman, Sam Christie, a few questions about the band and the song, Murder The Drums ft Joe Green.

Here is what, Sam, had to say!

These lyrics are a mouthful. How do you keep the beat, when singing on stage?

I’ve been singing for a long time, so had a lot of practise. Dan, our drummer, is very reliable and makes it easy, for the rest of us, to stay in time.

I noticed that Dan, can sure play drums! I have always, had a love for percussion.

Sam, what instrument do you like to play, other than voice?

Bass guitar is great fun and easy to play. If I wasn’t a singer, I’d be a bassist, they have an easy job.

Ha! Yeah, bass is def cool! Sure I can quote that, without ruffling feathers?!

Yeah lol

I like Matt’s strong stage presence, what do you enjoy most, about Matt, on stage?

Matt brings the noise, we love him.

Yeah, Matt is a good guy!

And super Nathan?
I love Nathan’s voice and how I hear Ringo, when he speaks. Or am I imagining things?

Haha maybe :D they are both drone, the north of England.

Hmmm. I love it.
I like your voice a lot.

What do you remedy your throat with, on the night you sing?

I like to drink cider, lager, Jägermeister and plenty of water.

Thirsty, I bet!

What Sheffield music legacy, have you recently, embraced?

Sheffield is a great place. A lot of great bands have come before us and we hope to add to our city’s electronic sound and advance it further, so it sounds modern and exciting.

So good, so far!

What is the up-coming gig, you mentioned, with other local bands?

Top secret :p :D

C’mon man! Top Secret, does sound like it could be, an awesome event name!

If I had a band, I would name it, Free Sex. How did you, come up with your band name?

What exactly, is a Stop Drop Robot?

You would have to ask Nathan lol he came up with our name. :D

Will do.

Thank you, Sam, for being available, to chat about the band.

Murder The Drum’s ft Joe Green is Lady Corvid G’s favourite SDR song, with her encouragement and Sam’s help, I nailed the lyrics.

Here they are! Enjoy.

Murder The Drums ft Joe Green lyrics by Stop Drop Robot

Can the drummer get some
Ladies and Gentlemen
Give it up 4x

Well, these 4 walls are closing in
Yeah and it’s been that way
Ever since time began

What do they want from me
What have I done to them

All they left me withs a fractured imagination
See the crowds take a shot at me

Cus when I murder the drums
It feels
Like I am second to none

It heals
All my open scars
hammer a nail
into the coffin marked your preconceptions
See the stars realign for me

You know it’s funny
Oh how we laugh

when I hold the drumsticks in my hand

I decide my own destiny
I decide where the beat needs to be
I decide not them

well out there there’s all these blood suckers trying to run it

don’t it just make you sick to your stomach

I’ll show the puppeteers where to shove it
on the day they crown me king

Thank you, Stop Drop Robot, for permission, to post these lyrics.


Stop Drop Robot, have just announced, an online publicity stunt:

Starting at 12PM BST on Saturday, 30th of August 2014; SDR will have 24 hours to write, record, produce and promote, the release of a brand new single.

In addition, the band will also be filming, editing and uploading a music video.

Expect video updates, throughout the day, as we invite you, to spend 24 hours with Stop Drop Robot. #‎SDR24‬

Give the band, Stop Drop Robot, a shoutout this week, using the hashtag, #SDR24.

Join the fun, online at: Meet the band and other SDR fans, all day and night long, on Saturday, August 30th, 2014.

SDR would love, to get to know you and you will become fast friends and fans!

Stop Drop Robot:
Sam Christie – vocals
Nathan Bailey – bass
Matt Ross – guitar
Daniel Battye – drums












 STOP DROP ROBOT is an electronic hard rock band, that hail from The Steel City, Sheffield, UK. I got hooked on the first song, I ever heard by Stop Drop Robot.

 I listened to ‘Running Tricks’ and watched the music video. I got hooked like a junkie.They say that the first one is free. So, it is. I spent loads of time, searching for more and more of my wonderful new drug, Stop Drop Robot.

 I followed the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, iTunes, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitter and Youtube.I searched Google for whatever I could find. My addiction to Stop Drop Robot was serious, right from the get go. I needed a non-stop supply. I needed a fix and I needed it now.



I got to know Stop Drop Robot frontman, Sam Christie, via Twitter. We bantered back and forth for a few months. I got to know the band and their music. I asked Sam to give me the low down, on what Stop Drop Robot is up to and here is what he had to say:

“We have a new 4 track VP coming out, 4 related music videos, which tell a story. The story is about life as a human, but is told using the water cycle as a metaphor, eg. rain = birth, river = youth, ocean = adult life and evaporation = death.”

“We are being produced by legendary producer, Karl Heilbron, (tupac, Rhianna, TLC, Rage Against The Machine) and are hoping to put out the videos, in random order, over the next course, of the year.” Checkout Karl Heilbron’s webpage. It is user-friendly and fun! Just like Karl Heilbron, himself.

‘Running Tricks’ is the first Stop Drop Robot song, I ever heard and I was determined to nail the lyrics. I tried my best and with the help of Sam Christie, here they are.


Intro: beatboxing by drummer Dan Battye

You see me.
I got this mighty fine girl, you’ll see.

The kinda girl, who makes a boy like me, crazy.

But, I got this feeling in my gut, that she be running tricks.

And it’s just my kinda luck.

So sure.
I got a friend of mine, to follow her.

To see, if there’s another man.
Make my baby pussy purr.

After a week, I get the message from the street.

She’s not working on her feet.
She’s working in on down the street. Cause.

She be running tricks.
She be running tricks alot. x4

Tricks. x5

Yes, she’s running tricks.
And I am running. x4

Your mind.
Do you find?

You wondering, is she only mine?
Do you believe?

She can’t deceive?
Or does it haunt you in your sleep?

And the way, that she say, ‘I love you’.
Sounds different, today.

Are you blind?
To the signs?

Or were you just scared of what you’d find.
If she’s running tricks?

RAP section:
You’ve been running late, you know.
Who run the show?

If you be running tricks.
You’ll reap what you sow.

SDR explode.
From the get go.
With maximum bassline,
out of minimum cash flow.

Was it fate or fear that brought us here?
Well we be mp3
by the dozen this year

If you’re running tricks
You better stay more clear

Cuz, I’ll turn a trick into a tear
If you’re running…

She’s running tricks. And I am running… 5x

 Soon, I became fast friends, with fellow fan, CorvidLadyG. Follow CorvidLadyG on Twitter: Subscribe to CorvidLadyG on Youtube:

CorvidLadyG has some decent live videos of Stop Drop Robot and other awesome bands, such as the Scottish band, Prides. Check them out, too!

Stop Drop Robot:

Sam Christie – vocals
Nathan Bailey – bass
Matt Ross – guitar
Daniel Battye – drums

I am hooked on Stop Drop Robot. I love their music and I like their style. Don’t just take my word for it, checkout Stop Drop Robot for yourself. Give the band a shout. I am sure you will become friends fast.








Thank you for stopping by. Leave a comment. Say hello. Rock on.




Stop Drop Robot, aka SDR, an electronic rock band, hail from Sheffield, UK. RUNNING TRICKS is my fave SDR song, so far. I’m looking forward to a bright and healthy year of music, coming from Sheffield, UK music scene!

New Music: Stop Drop Robot – Running Tricks, plus new Video. Comments welcomed..

A Conversation with Director Simon Horrocks


More about Simon Horrocks and his film Third Contact, hopefully coming to twenty cities in CANADA/USA, this summer 2014!

Originally posted on Sarah Myles:

The last time we saw a revolution in independent film, producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein were leading the charge with Miramax Films – taking small, critically acclaimed ‘arthouse’ movies such as Sex, Lies and Videotape and The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, and investing in their distribution to wider audiences. Although their championing of independents from around the world gave us greater access to the work of Almodovar, Tarantino, Soderbergh and Smith, among many others, they eventually came under fire for driving the budgets of independent filmmaking up.  Though they had helped to raise the profile of the independent film industry in general, young, self-funded auteurs were still struggling to reach their audience.

The movie-making game is rigged against independent movies. Every aspect of filmmaking, from production financing to distribution, is pre-disposed to favour studio pictures. That being the case, small projects are marginalised at…

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RUSH: The Holy Triumvirate of Canada’s progressive-rock trio is Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart.

RUSH got it up and kept it up, for over three hours of Rock + Roll, in Vancouver, BC, CANADA, on Friday, JULY 26th, 2013. The Clockwork Angels String Ensemble were on stage with the band, as well. They held their own, keeping us entertained, on our feet moving to the music!

Neil Peart’s drum kit was massive! I swear, Peart’s percussion equipment, took up over half the stage! It looked dynamite and so did he. Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee were energetic, comedic and genius! Lifeson and Lee ripped it up, loud and proud, on their cool guitars and bass!

The visuals on the big screen were colourful, Beatle-esque and told a story. The lasers, lights and pyrotechnics were almost completely insync, with the audio, by about 99%. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart are a perfect holy triumvirate! This band was having as much fun on stage, as we were having in our seats!

RUSH, did not disappoint, on the contrary, RUSH, fed their hungry guests, until all were satiated. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The finale of the evening show was inevitable and bitter-sweet. But, when it came time for a wrap and for the guests to go home, the band just kept on playing!

We stood in our seats, for an unforgettable encore of TOM SAWYER and 2112, which I had to take home in a doggy bag. Geddy Lee’s voice strained, as he belted out the last of the songs. He sang it, as if he may never get the chance, to sing again.

This is what I truly appreciate about the band RUSH – these boys have big balls!

The Clockwork Angels Tour 2013 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC, CANADA on Friday, July 26th was flawless, fluid and fun! We had the time of our lives, getting strung out on the West Coast, with RUSH the band and The Clockwork Angels String Ensemble!

Good times. Great music and memories for life! Let’s do it again. Thanks!

Jennifer Steel Burnaby, BC



RUSH rock and rolled the whole night at Rogers Arena!



EXPLOSION! – National Geographic Photo Contest – 2012 Winner



EXPLOSION! is the winner of the 2012 National Geographic Photo Contest.

From the Stacks: The Beatles – White Album (With Inserts)


THIS is why I have a fondness for James Stafford and his amazing writing! The White Album IS my go-to album for happiness, depression, everything in-between and other extreme.

One of my favourite childhood memories is Saturday afternoons, when my beloved hippie mom, would play the whole White Album on the record player, as she set to cleaning house. Thanks mom for making my childhood musically wonderful.

Thanks, James, for taking the time to put your words down on paper or whatever it is you do. Between Beatles and Bowie, there is no wrong.

Originally posted on Why It Matters:

Beatles White Album frontThere are few albums I love more than The Beatles, better known as “The White Album.” It’s one of my go-to albums for evenings of heavy depression.

This was the first CD that I ever purchased, five years before I even owned a CD player. I owned it on cassette, and I have three copies on vinyl.

So why did I buy this copy? The inserts, of course.

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STOP DROP ROBOT is an electronic rock band, that hail from Sheffield, UK.

stop drop robot - cradle - out now - 01

Find Stop Drop Robot on Twitter:

Find Cradle on YouTube:

Find Stop Drop Robot on Facebook:

From beginning to end, the new single, by Stop Drop Robot, will rock you!

Checkout ‘CRADLE’ now!

Stop Drop Robot’s new single out now!


Love the intro to ‘CRADLE’!

From beginning to end, ‘Cradle’ has a rhythm, that rocks!

Stop Drop Robot: Cradle

Stop Drop Robot: Cradle

Originally posted on DMF Digital:

The new single entitled Cradle by Steel City heavyweights Stop Drop Robot makes its debut onto the scene today.

Crashing in on the back of the supermassive EP Tetralogy Aquaticus, Cradle is a soundscape of futuristic sounds and lights, comprised of Vocalist Sam’s heartfelt words and a space age electronic symphony put together by Nathan, Matt and Dan.

The song begins with grooving drums laying the foundations for a moving bass line and a sweeping synth, which is topped by smooth guitar and urging vocals. This introduces one of the bands strongest tracks yet, and impacts into the hardest the Robot has ever hit.

This is truly an amazing piece of music, and not something to be missed. When it makes its way into your ears and infiltrates your psyche, you will be taken into a world you’ve never been before, beyond the bounds of human comprehension and sending you…

View original 7 more words

Book Review: “Missing Sarah” by Maggie de Vries


‘Missing Sarah’ is a book you can not put down, until you’ve read the whole story. I feel, as if, I know Sarah de Vries, after reading, ‘Missing Sarah’, even though I never met her. May you rest in peace, Sarah. Till we meet on the other side. Thank you, Maggie de Vries, for writing ‘Missing Sarah’. It is a story, I will never forget.

quotes by dr seuss - 01

Originally posted on Changing Lives, Changing Minds:

by Allan McDougall

missingsarah1This post is a review of an excellent Canadian memoir that probes themes of female agency and victimization in the face of poverty, drug addiction, and neglect.Missing Sarah(2005), by Maggie de Vries, is the author’s autobiographical memoir of her sister, Sarah de Vries, a sex worker living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Sarah was adopted as a baby, and grew into a bright, funny, artistic child. Yet, as Maggie reflects, Sarah’s mixed-race heritage—partially African-Canadian, Mexican, and Native—caused her to feel isolated from her white siblings. In the book, Maggie reflects that these feelings of segregation may have driven Sarah to seek solace on the streets of Downtown Vancouver, partying, and experiments with drugs in her teens.

Sarah ran away from home before completing high school and eventually became addicted to cocaine and heroine, working as a prostitute to pay for drugs. As…

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#StreetArt #Graffiti Favs This Week

Just can’t get enough street art and graffiti into my day! Checkout what is happening at Gia On The Move.

#StreetArt #Graffiti Favs This Week.

What the hell is going on in LA?


Can’t we all get along? WTF is happening in LA?

Originally posted on Where I say stuff...:

I love the web series community.  Love it.  99.9999% of people I’ve met in the past three years have been awesome; talented, brilliant, kind, supportive, inspiring and creative people.  Web series have entertained me, inspired me, at times challenged me, and have definitely given me some lovely, cherished friends.

So, when someone messes with the community, I get a bit annoyed.  And that is precisely what is going on right now in LA.

There are three web series events coming up in LA. LA Webfest, Hollyweb Festival and The Indies Series Awards.  Hollyweb and LA Webfest are festivals, The Indie Series Awards is, as the name suggests, an awards show.  I attended all three of these events last year – as luck would have it, they are all held at around the same time in late March/early April.  This is wonderful for non-LA based web series creators, like me, who can…

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Reported death of Brian Clemens

Brian Clemens R.I.P.


R.I.P. Brian Clemens (1931- 2015)

Originally posted on SO IT GOES - John Fleming's blog:

Brian Clemens, one of British TV's great writers R.I.P. Brian Clemens (1931-2015)

The death of writer Brian Clemens has been announced though, at the time of writing, no major news source has reported it. He was an interesting man. In 1979, I interviewed him and re-posted it in three parts in my blog in 2012 as:

The Avengers: the TV show that made boots kinky – writer Brian Clemens
The Avengers was like a Doris Day comedy – says writer Brian Clemens
The Avengers writer on directing for TV and film and un-made vampire films

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