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April 8, 2015

hollow ones - 09

If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise.

If you go down in the woods today, you’d better go in disguise!

The cast and crew, of The Hollow Ones, filmed for 19 days,

in the woods and other areas of Maple Ridge, Surrey and Langley, BC, Canada.

hollow one - 08

This feature film is being made by a team of award-winning filmmakers.

Director: Jeremy Lutter, (Cannes Not Short on Talent, TIFF KIds, etc.)

Cinematographers: Nelson and Graham Talbot, (who just had their Doritos commercial air, during 2015 Super Bowl; the first Canadian commercial, in history, to do so.)

These folks bring to the table, a plethora of skill, talent and expertise,

that is sure to make, The Hollow Ones, a very, scaaaaaaary Feature Film.

hollow ones - banner - 02

The Hollow Ones, is a horror thriller film, about evil fairies, based on the 15th century folklore of Changelings.

You can be part of it. Here’s how.

The filmmakers need help to make, The Hollow Ones, as scary, as possible!

hollow ones - 06

It take time and money, to turn a lovely, 11-year-old girl, into a scary monster!

Blood, make-up, and monster effects, such as: building an underground lair and other special effects are required,

to increase the on-screen scariness, on The Hollow Ones.

hollow ones - 03

The Hollow Ones started an Indiegogo campaign on: Tuesday, February 10th, 2015. The campaign ended (at midnight) on: Friday, April 10th, 2015. The campaign was successful, even surpassing the goal of $10,000CAD.


Which means, it is not too late to make, The Hollow Ones, scaaaaaaary!

Every dollar pledged, will be used, to make this film, more scary.

hollow one - 02

Everyone on set is working, at a reduced rate or donating their time.

I will gladly match my time and money, to the hard work of this talented and dedicated, cast and crew.

If they create it, the least I can do, is join them on the journey, to make it scary and bring it to the big screen.


Join the journey to bring, The Hollow Ones, to fruition on the big screen.

Can’t wait to see this scary movie, with my eyes closed and the sound off.


hollow ones - COMING SOON

Help make, The Hollow Ones, more scaaaaaaary!

Make a pledge, while this campaign, is still In-Demand on Indiegogo.

Find your freaky perks at:

One Comment
  1. The Hollow Ones is now called The Hollow Child.


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