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Bear Medicine

My fave excerpt from “Bear Medicine”: Bear Medicine is a powerful ally who offers protection and guidance during stressful situations, to resolve long-standing problems, in which one may feel locked in and can’t find their way out. Bear Medicine teaches us how to be silent and still so that we may receive higher guidance and inspiration. Bear Medicine also teaches us how to meet all our needs from within, so we never have to go without.

Winter is a good time to settle in and dig deep for spiritual truths. The wisdom of “Bear Medicine” is good medicine for troubled times.

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Bear Medicine the Power of Introspection, an offering to the Eagle.

Bear waving Hello Bear Medicine says Hello. Gimmie Five!

Bear Medicine is powerful medicine, bringing healing, renewal, and rebirth. This is the gift that Grandmother Bear brings those who live with Bear Medicine.

Leonardo da Vinci Drawing It could just as easily been a Bear in the Boat. Maybe Bears of old had horns. And that’s no Bull.

Bear Medicine is the power associated with the spirit of the bear, particularly the bears ability to heal, is known in virtually all cultures within the bear’s range. The bear is known to seek plants for its own healing. North American brown bears are known to dig up Ligusticum porteri, not surprisingly known as, “bear root”. The plant is known to have antibiotic properties, being good for stomach aches, and repelling insects. Now that’s Bear Medicine Medicine, if you know what I mean! They chew on it…

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Frontline Reporting: Turtle Island, Standing Rock, North Dakota

Turtle Island, is sacred, hallowed ground. Prayers for all water protectors at Standing Rock and everywhere.

Exposure and Other Worldly Morsels


Lone monk prays for peace at Turtle Island. Turtle Island hill has been the scene of various actions that took place between police and water protectors. It was here on November 2, 2016 that authorities fired a rubber bullet and hit journalist Erin Schrode while conducting an interview. 

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Are You A Buffalo, Or A Cow?: How To Deal With The Storms Of Life

An inspirational read. Respond to life’s struggles like the buffalo, by going head-first into the storm.

The Swing Of Things


The question posed in the title is not one to be offended by, unless of course you come easily offended. If that is the case then I say to you perhaps a thicker skin shall be in need.

If you are not offended, be patient as I am sure by the end of this little prose I will have offended you in some manner. I am really good at it.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of getting back to the point I want to tell you a story I heard and its implications for life and how to deal with whatever comes your way.

Colorado is one of the few places in North America that has both cows and buffalo. Its unique climate allows for both to co-exist. There are many similarities between a cow and a buffalo, but this distinction is something we as humans can learn a lot from.


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Blockade continues at Muskrat Falls main gate, protesters let workers out but not in

It’s about doing the right thing. #mniwiconi #waterislife

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muskrat-falls-blockade Blockade at Muskrat Falls, Oct 20, 2016. Photo by Ossie Michelin, Facebook.

Nalcor cancels day shift, says workers being financially affected by protest

By Anna Delaney, CBC News, October 20, 2016

Protesters are letting workers at the controversial Muskrat Falls project leave the site Thursday, but are not letting them enter.

Nalcor announced early Thursday morning the day shift at the hydroelectric project in central Labrador was cancelled due to the protesters preventing workers access to the site.

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Vancouver TD bank occupied to protest ties with Dakota Access Pipeline

Non-violent direct action against the bankers funding the Dakota Access Pipeline. Every person and every action will make the difference needed to protect Mother Earth. I believe it.

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dakota-access-solidarity-vancouver-2 Inside the TD bank in downtown Vancouver, Sept 12, 2016.

Growing international solidarity movement with Indigenous resistance to DAPL

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Unity. Something I prayed for. Something I yearned for. And, yeah, it’s happening. It’s real. And it is here to stay.

Whatever happens at Standing Rock will impact Canada.

Let’s forget about these borders. Let’s stand together in unity for our future seven generations.

Respect the land. Respect the water. Respect the people.

It takes a certain amount of humility and courage, to look at one another with love and in love.

I stand with those who pray at Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Always.

Enough is Enough. Just like my mother would say, when she had enough. There was an urgency in her voice, whenever I heard these words. I respect it now.

Mni Wiconi. Water is Life.

Support Sacred Stone Camp:

N. Dakota Governor pressures Sioux Tribal chairman to Denounce Warriors

Peaceful prayer at Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. #nodapl #standingrock #waterislife

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BISMARCK – Gov. Jack Dalrymple responded Wednesday, Oct. 12, to comments made one day earlier by Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II, who denied telling the governor that he has lost control of the camp where thousands of Dakota Access Pipeline opponents are staying in south-central North Dakota.

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