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May 3, 2016

Kaleidoscope Man is currently in-production and coming soon. Check-out Kaleidoscope Man production blog at:

I asked friend and filmmaker, Mark Robbins, how he met Simon Cox, director of Kaleidoscope Man, and here is what he had to say.

Hello Jennifer, nice to meet you. Congratulations on your new appointment.

I’m really happy for you and of course the KMan Team keeps growing.

I went to school with my good old friend Simon Cox, we also shared a house in London, which is where I lost touch with him when I moved away, for 20 years.

It was Facebook that hooked us up again.

I have two other friends on FB that got me interested, their names are Cox and Simon, weirdly enough, totally different people.

It had to be a pointer, I had heard facebook gets you back in touch, so I tried it.

Soon after the initial shock!! Simon asked me to help him make his movie, Kaleidoscope Man.

He showed me what he was doing and it blew me away!

My little buddy was so talented! And I could see his dream.

I remembered that I opened a Twitter account but not really understood it. So, I went back to it to learn! Ha ha… still learning!

My favourite part about promoting KMan is being accepted by & working closely with the most amazingly talented passionate people, who see the same movie.

It’s a big movie that you can follow the making of it online, and join in with fb, twitter, pinterest, instagram, vimeo, youtube,

I love to try new creative eye catching ideas out. There’s a scene in KMan where Thomas Dunn’s Dad Brian tells him, “Whatever you do, be Spectacular!”.

The advice from luminaries in the industry is do something big!

I started on KMan as an associate producer, now I’m a co-producer, working with the amazingly talented co-producer Heidi, from the other side of the world!

How did that happen? Heidi’s guidance and inspiration are invaluable!

I have tried to make promoting KMan fun!
That’s what Simon and I are all about; we can’t stop laughing when we’re together.

I have to prioritise on the spur of the moment, especially with Twitter, it’s live all the time now 24/7.

But what a ride!!

When we’re in between crowdfunding campaigns, we’re reaching out to people making friends, building an audience for Kaleidoscope Man.

Thanks for the interview, Jennifer!


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