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August 16, 2014


STOP DROP ROBOT is an electronic hard rock band, that hail from The Steel City, Sheffield, UK. I got hooked on the first song, I ever heard by Stop Drop Robot, ‘Running Tricks’.

 I listened to ‘Running Tricks’ and watched the music video. I got hooked like a junkie.They say that the first one is free. So, it is. I spent loads of time, searching for more and more of my wonderful new drug, Stop Drop Robot.

 I followed the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, iTunes, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitter and Youtube.I searched Google for whatever I could find. My addiction to Stop Drop Robot was serious, right from the get go. I needed a non-stop supply. I needed a fix and I needed it now.



I got to know Stop Drop Robot frontman, Sam Christie, via Twitter. We bantered back and forth for a few months. I got to know the band and their music. I asked Sam to give me the low down, on what Stop Drop Robot is up to and here is what he had to say:

“We have a new 4 track VP coming out, 4 related music videos, which tell a story. The story is about life as a human, but is told using the water cycle as a metaphor, eg. rain = birth, river = youth, ocean = adult life and evaporation = death.”

“We are being produced by legendary producer, Karl Heilbron, (tupac, Rhianna, TLC, Rage Against The Machine) and are hoping to put out the videos, in random order, over the next course, of the year.” Checkout Karl Heilbron’s webpage. It is user-friendly and fun! Just like Karl Heilbron, himself.

‘Running Tricks’ is the first Stop Drop Robot song, I ever heard and I was determined to nail the lyrics. I tried my best and with the help of Sam Christie, here they are.


Intro: beatboxing by drummer Dan Battye

You see me.
I got this mighty fine girl, you’ll see.

The kinda girl, who makes a boy like me, crazy.

But, I got this feeling in my gut, that she be running tricks.

And it’s just my kinda luck.

So sure.
I got a friend of mine, to follow her.

To see, if there’s another man.
Make my baby pussy purr.

After a week, I get the message from the street.

She’s not working on her feet.
She’s working in on down the street. Cause.

She be running tricks.
She be running tricks alot. x4

Tricks. x5

Yes, she’s running tricks.
And I am running. x4

Your mind.
Do you find?

You wondering, is she only mine?
Do you believe?

She can’t deceive?
Or does it haunt you in your sleep?

And the way, that she say, ‘I love you’.
Sounds different, today.

Are you blind?
To the signs?

Or were you just scared of what you’d find.
If she’s running tricks?

RAP section:
You’ve been running late, you know.
Who run the show?

If you be running tricks.
You’ll reap what you sow.

SDR explode.
From the get go.
With maximum bassline,
out of minimum cash flow.

Was it fate or fear that brought us here?
Well we be mp3
by the dozen this year

If you’re running tricks
You better stay more clear

Cuz, I’ll turn a trick into a tear
If you’re running…

She’s running tricks. And I am running… 5x

Soon, I became fast friends, with fellow Stop Drop Robot fan, Lady Greer.

Follow Lady Greer on Twitter:

Subscribe to Lady Greer on Youtube:

Stop Drop Robot is:

Sam Christie – vocals
Nathan Bailey – bass
Matt Ross – guitar
Daniel Battye – drums

I am hooked on Stop Drop Robot. I love their music and I like their style. Don’t just take my word for it, checkout Stop Drop Robot for yourself. Give the band a shout. I am sure you will become friends fast.








Thank you for stopping by. Leave a comment. Say hello. Rock on.

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