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*MAY 9th 2014 UPDATE: Scooter is still MIA. Sadly, it has been one month, since I last saw my cat SCOOTER! And even more sadly, there is a case of mistaken identity. The domestic short hair black and white male cat at the Surrey Animal Resource Centre is apparently Scooter’s doppelgänger! This is what I have been told. But, I can’t help but look at this photo and see the identical likeness of my cat SCOOTER!* 

 SCOOTER-BOY, was picked up as a stray cat and impounded, at the Surrey Animal Resource Centre (SARC) in Surrey, BC, CANADA!

I am so thrilled, SCOOTER-BOY, is found and safe; and not in the belly of a coyote. 

Thank you, BCSPCA!

Thank you, SARC!

Thank you, Petfinders Canada!​.

FOUND CATS NOW AT SARC (Surrey Animal Resource Centre) as of APRIL 24th 2014:

These are stray cats IMPOUNDED at SARC. These cats are NOT for adoption. 


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SAIL FILM (2014) A short film that explores the effect mental illness has on one man’s view not only of the world, but of himself.

A KickStarter Campaign by @JayyPotter

Funding period: Apr 4 2014 – Apr 20 2014

*FOLLOW UP: Funding Unsuccessful. This project’s funding goal was not reached.*


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POSTER ART: @EmilyTabet

SAIL FILM (2014) by Jay Potter.





SAIL FILM (2014)

A KickStarter Campaign by Jay Potter

Funding period: Apr 4 2014 – Apr 20 2014

SAIL – A short film, that explores the effect mental illness has, on one man’s view, not only of the world, but of himself.

Poster Art Credit: @EmilyTabet 





I can feel it, coming in the air tonight. Hold on.

Today, I am looking for my heart, for within it, is a story. Something from the age of ten, or so.

So, I am going back in time. Be back soon

Where are my moccasins? My blanket, my light, my paper, my pen, my food, my water, my bow, my arrows, my walking stick, my canoe and paddle. My guide?

I will know what I am looking for, when I find it.
I am going back to the ’60’s, ’70’s, ’80’s, and ’90’s.

There should be a playlist in here, somewhere. Peace.



Band Interview: Sheffield Based Band “The North”


Shoutout to Sheffield, UK, band – The North!

Originally posted on Backseat Mafia:

A few months ago the boys sent Scunthorpe Nights their latest demo, we were very impressed with the quality of the song writing, melody and feel of the music. You can tell where their influences derive from as it comes through in the sound they produce. It appears fans agree as they seem to have quite a following on social media and at performances.

The band tweeted to a fan:
The North ‏@TheNorthBandUK

 “we are working really hard on the new album and need to get it bang on before we tour it :) xxx”

So you can expect to see these boys in venues across the UK soon I expect.  This year alone they have played some pretty established venues and festivals such as The Sheffield O2 arena and Mosborough Festival among others. Not only will you spot them at various gigs and venues you can also catch them…

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Sheffield Singer with an Innovative Events Company; Sam Christie has the Band, the Company – and Proceeds Go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Featured Image -- 507


Meet Sam Christie of STOP DROP ROBOT!

Originally posted on Watch This Face:

Words: Rachel Wright

Yorkshire Musicians Eclectic has set the bar high for events companies across Yorkshire, not only putting on big shows and events, but doing the majority of them in aid of the charity Macmillan Cancer Support.

Sam Christie

Sam Christie

Sam Christie founded the company YME a year ago when he decided to start putting on his own events for his band, Stop Drop Robot.

“I just started it… We started a band, we were sick and tired of playing these same gigs where you’re trying your hardest to promote them and no one shows up.

“We set out to run some really cool events, and we set out about it a bit differently because we’re all in bands ourselves and we thought we were lacking when we played gigs. We wanted to sort out the situation that when you play a gig you know there’s going to be…

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Meet: Nat Johnson


Something smooth this way comes…

Originally posted on Backseat Mafia:

nat johnson

It’s not often I taken notice of a drummer. In general, drummers hang about with drummers, talking about cymbals and other stuff mere musicians don’t understand (probably like unintentionally slowing down, and wrist injuries. and that) but this particular drummer, let’s call him Carl, for the purposes this article, and the fact that that’s his name, gave me a cd of songs that he thought I ought to know about. That cd introduced me to what has become over the years, one of my favourite ever songs, Sheffield Shanty by Monkey Swallows the Universe.

Monkey Swallows the Universe – Sheffield Shanty

The singer of Monkey Swallows the Universe is Nat Johnson. I didn’t to admit to Carl he had introduced me to a gem, so I went out and bought both of the albums, and kept a close eye on it main protagonists ever since, in her various guises…

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Mellomanic Review


Checkout Mellomanic, a Vancouver, BC, band!

Originally posted on Canadian Beats:

Mellomanic Review

Mellomanic is a rock/ folk/ reggae band from Vancouver. The band consists of Josh Larsson on Lead vocals, Megan Chilibeck on Lead Vocals, Ryan Krumins on Guitar/ Piano / Vocals, Clark Buchanan on Bass, Sam Buckle on Drums and Adam Gordon on Guitar.

Yes, you noticed right, they have two lead singers and a lot of multi part harmonies.

Josh, Clark and Ryan used to be part of The Stone Pines ( They were together for 2 1/2 years and broke up last September.

The members of the band are all good friends. Ryan, Josh & Sam have been playing music and writing together for the last ten years under various band names.

The band is not currently recording but will be releasing videos throughout the summer, and plan to record an EP this Fall/ Winter. A website will be built in the coming months, as well.

They have released…

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Weird Live Review: Hardcore DEVO


HARDCORE DEVO at their best!

Originally posted on The Weirdest Band in the World:

Devo at the Wiltern

These day’s, it’s pretty common for veteran bands to dedicate entire shows to a single album. Everyone from the Pixies to Cheap Trick to Kraftwerk have jumped on that particular nostalgia bandwagon. What’s rarer is for bands to focus an entire tour around their earliest, most obscure material. But that’s exactly what DEVO have chosen to do for their Hardcore DEVO Live tour, which is based entirely on songs they wrote and/or recorded before the release of their first album, 1978’s Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! And judging from the audience response at the Wiltern Theatre here in Los Angeles last night, it was a smart decision. Turns out plenty of DEVO fans are super-excited to hear the band playing material that they mostly haven’t performed live in over 30 years.

There was no opening act, so the band took the stage promptly at 8:30…

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11 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Actually Based on Books

Featured Image -- 496

Devonshire Hotel – West Georgia Street


Vancouver, BC, CANADA is my home sweet home!

Originally posted on Changing Vancouver:

Devonshire Hotel

It took two years to build, and when it was first completed in 1925 the Devonshire was the big kid on the block. It soon became far less significant as the Hotel Georgia was built to the east two years later and the Georgia Medical Dental Building (by the same architects as the Devonshire) to the west two years after that; both several storeys taller. It wasn’t really a hotel at that point, but rather an apartment hotel. It was designed by McCarter Nairne early in their career and set them on the road to success and even bigger buildings (especially the Marine Building).

Kingsway @ Clark 1931The Devonshire advertised for tenants – here’s a billboard at Clark and Kingsway from 1931. In 1930 there were engineers, a stenographer, clerks and a seamstress – but the directory also shows there were nearly as many maids and other staff (including two telephone operators) working there as there were tenants…

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