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I started listening to this Electronic Rock band, STOP DROP ROBOT, that hails from Sheffield, UK.

I got hooked, like a junkie, on my first song, ‘Running Tricks’.

Looking for more, I GOOGLED ► STOP DROP ROBOT.

I followed STOP DROP ROBOT on social media, wherever I could and as fast as I could!

SOUNDCLOUD, became my close friend, as I got my daily fix of non-stop, STOP DROP ROBOT aka SDR.

I got to know SDR’s frontman, Sam Christie, via TWITTER.

I asked Sam, to give me a paragraph, about what the band is up to and here is what Sam had to say!

“We have a new 4 track VP coming out,
(4 related music videos), which tell a story.”

“The story is about life as a human, but is told using the water cycle as a metaphor, eg. rain = birth, river = youth, ocean = adult life and evaporation = death.”

“We are being produced by legendary producer, Karl Helibron, (tupac, Rhianna, TLC, Rage Against The Machine) and are hoping to put out the videos, in random order, over the next course, of the year.”

Checkout SDR on Karl Heilbron’s webpage

With the help of Sam Christie, I nailed the lyrics, to ‘Running Tricks’.

€’Running Tricks’ Lyrics by Stop Drop Robot

Intro: beatboxing by drummer Dan Battye

You see me.
I got this mighty fine girl, you’ll see.

The kinda girl, who makes a boy like me, crazy.

But, I got this feeling in my gut, that she be running tricks.

And it’s just my kinda luck.

So sure.
I got a friend of mine, to follow her.

To see, if there’s another man.
Make my baby pussy purr.

After a week, I get the message from the street.

She’s not working on her feet.
She’s working in on down the street. Cause.

She be running tricks.
She be running tricks alot. x4

Tricks. x5

Yes, she’s running tricks.
And I am running. x4

Your mind.
Do you find?

You wondering, is she only mine?
Do you believe?

She can’t deceive?
Or does it haunt you in your sleep?

And the way, that she say, ‘I love you’.
Sounds different, today.

Are you blind?
To the signs?

Or were you just scared of what you’d find.
If she’s running tricks?

RAP section:
You’ve been running late, you know.
Who run the show?

If you be running tricks.
You’ll reap what you sow.

SDR explode.
From the get go.
With maximum bassline,
out of minimum cash flow.

Was it fate or fear that brought us here?
Well we be mp3
by the dozen this year

If you’re running tricks
You better stay more clear

Cuz, I’ll turn a trick into a tear
If you’re running…

She’s running tricks. And I am running. 5x

Thanks to Stop Drop Robot for permission to post the lyrics to ‘Running Tricks’.

I followed Stop Drop Robot on Twitter and soon became fast friends, with fellow SDR fan, Lady Corvid G.

Follow Lady Corvid G on Twitter

Lady Corvid G has some decent videos of Stop Drop Robot LIVE!

Checkout Lady Corvid G’s YouTube channel

Get a taste of some good Sheffield sugar and enjoy the ride.

Give a shout out to the lads from Stop Drop Robot:

Sam Christie – vocals
Nathan Bailey – bass
Matt Ross – guitar
Daniel Battye – drums

Support Stop Drop Robot, however you can; they will appreciate you, for sure.

I am hooked on SDR, but don’t take it on my word, check SDR out for yourself… xoxo








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What’s Wrong? aka The Three Stooges of Depression

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A good read on suicide + depression. Gang warfare on the brain and other analogies. Read on.

Originally posted on interruptingcow:

For many people who have never experienced major depression, it can be hard to understand why, on any given sun shine laden day, a person can be low and have no apparent reason to explain it.  Those who have experienced it will tell you, there’s no question more annoying, or that can turn the pain into a burning desire to rip someone’s head off, than this one: “Why are you sad?”  Even marginally intelligent people, when dealing with an actual tangible “something” that makes them emotional, can figure out a way to deal with it.  Asking questions like, “What happened that’s got you down?” to a major depressive is like asking a Harley owner if her bike is broke because it needs a new fan belt.

Just chalk it up to gang warfare in the brain.  As best I can tell from what I’ve read or been told, it’s…

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Sheffield Singer with an Innovative Events Company; Sam Christie has the Band, the Company – and Proceeds Go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Meet Sam Christie of STOP DROP ROBOT!

Originally posted on Watch This Face:

Words: Rachel Wright

Yorkshire Musicians Eclectic has set the bar high for events companies across Yorkshire, not only putting on big shows and events, but doing the majority of them in aid of the charity Macmillan Cancer Support.

Sam Christie

Sam Christie

Sam Christie founded the company YME a year ago when he decided to start putting on his own events for his band, Stop Drop Robot.

“I just started it… We started a band, we were sick and tired of playing these same gigs where you’re trying your hardest to promote them and no one shows up.

“We set out to run some really cool events, and we set out about it a bit differently because we’re all in bands ourselves and we thought we were lacking when we played gigs. We wanted to sort out the situation that when you play a gig you know there’s going to be…

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Mellomanic Review


Checkout Mellomanic, a Vancouver, BC, band!

Originally posted on Canadian Beats:

Mellomanic Review

Mellomanic is a rock/ folk/ reggae band from Vancouver. The band consists of Josh Larsson on Lead vocals, Megan Chilibeck on Lead Vocals, Ryan Krumins on Guitar/ Piano / Vocals, Clark Buchanan on Bass, Sam Buckle on Drums and Adam Gordon on Guitar.

Yes, you noticed right, they have two lead singers and a lot of multi part harmonies.

Josh, Clark and Ryan used to be part of The Stone Pines ( They were together for 2 1/2 years and broke up last September.

The members of the band are all good friends. Ryan, Josh & Sam have been playing music and writing together for the last ten years under various band names.

The band is not currently recording but will be releasing videos throughout the summer, and plan to record an EP this Fall/ Winter. A website will be built in the coming months, as well.

They have released…

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New Music: Stop Drop Robot – Running Tricks, plus new Video

What has come out of these sessions is a track that fuses together, electro with an indie-funk sort of instrumentation. It hammers away into your consciousness, and stays there. It kicks into life with huge basslines and keys work, with multi-effects on the vocals intertwining with his storytelling. Its fresh, funky and very hip.

All is looking well, indeed exciting, in the Stop Drop Robot camp.

New Music: Stop Drop Robot – Running Tricks, plus new Video.


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Si Horrocks’ “Third Contact”: a Mind-Blowing Journey to Destinations (Un)known

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THIRD CONTACT MOVIE is daring and mad! I LOVE IT.

Originally posted on Frisco Kid at the Movies:

Poster created from still from THIRD CONTACT (2013)

Poster created from still from THIRD CONTACT (2013) — image source: Giuseppe’s Views on Films

The film was shot with a £4000 budget and was recently screened at the 46th Hofer Filmtage. We all know how difficult it is to find an audience for independent film-makers and how often film festivals are not enough. So what did this guy do? He successfully crowdfunded a UK premiere at the London BFI IMAX! That’s right, people! Now doesn’t that deserve some respect?

– Giuseppe’s Views on Films, 8 December 2013

At the 46th Hofer Filmtage, where Third Contact (2013) premiered, critic Thomas Rothschild praised it as “some kind of masterpiece.” Now that the film is out on VOD on VHX,tv (which also allows digital download), everyone can see and appreciate it. After my first full viewing of the movie last night, my response was a stunned, monosyllabic “Wow.”

Although this sounds trite and even…

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RUSH: The Holy Triumvirate of Canada’s progressive-rock trio are Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart. RUSH got it up and kept it up, for over three hours of Rock and Roll, in Vancouver, BC, CANADA on Friday, JULY 26th, 2013. The Clockwork Angels String Ensemble were on stage, as well, and they certainly held their own, keeping us entertained and on our feet!

Neil Peart’s drum kit was massive! I swear, Peart’s percussion equipment, took up over half the stage! It looked dynamite. And, so did he. Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee were energetic, comedic and genius! Lifeson and Lee ripped it up, loud and proud, on their cool guitars!

The visuals on the big screen were colourful, Beatle-esque and very story-like. The pyrotechnics, lasers and lights were mostly, completely, in-sync with the audio – 100%! Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart ARE the perfect Holy Triumvirate! This band had as much fun on stage, as we were having, standing in our seats!

RUSH, did not disappoint! No, on the contrary! RUSH, pleased and satiated their hungry guests! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Indeed, the finale of the evening show was inevitable and bitter-sweet. But, when it came time for a wrap and for the guests to go home, the band just kept on playing!

We stood in our seats, for an unforgettable ENCORE of TOM SAWYER and 2112, which I had to take home in a doggy bag. Geddy Lee voice strained, as he belted out, the last of the songs. Geddy sang, as if he may never get the chance, to sing again.

This is what I truly appreciate about the band RUSH – these boys have balls! The Clockwork Angels Tour 2013 at ROGERS ARENA, VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA on Friday, JULY 26th at 7:30PM (sharp) was flawless, fluid and fun!

We had the time of our lives, getting strung out on the West Coast, with RUSH the band and The Clockwork Angels String Ensemble! Good times. Great music and memories for life! Let’s do it again. Thanks!

- Jennifer Steel, Burnaby, BC, CANADA





The (Kind Of) Complete Woodstock: The Rather Magnificent Mr. Bert Sommer


“The biggest surprise of this series was Bert Sommer, whose “Jennifer” is absolutely chilling.  No, that’s hyperbole.  Bert Sommer is the whole reason that I wrote this series.  How this guy vanished is beyond me.” – james stafford

Originally posted on Why It Matters:

Friday August 15, 1969, Bethel, New York.  Artie Kornfeld checks his watch, ten minutes to five o’clock.  A crowd of three hundred thousand kids has congregated in a rented dairy pasture for three days of music.  They mill about, waiting for something to happen, waiting to get it started.

Artie turns to his friend, who also happens to be the latest act that he is producing.  You gotta get out there, man.

No way, Artie, the kid says in his thick Long Island accent.  I ain’t going out there.

Why not, man?

There’s, like, three hundred thousand people out there, man. That’s too heavy.

No man, it’s going to be beautiful.

The two go back and forth, the crowd growing more and more restless.  Finally Richie Havens steps in.  I’ll go, he says.  At 5:07 Havens hits the stage and remains there for three hours, filling time while…

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The (Kind Of) Complete Woodstock: Wrapping It Up


Any song about a girl named, JENNIFER, is always close to my heart. And this song, JENNIFER by BERT SOMMER, is over-the-top amazing and then some! WoW. CooL. I hate endings, but James Stafford, you made the ending to your, The (Kind Of) Complete Woodstock series, seem like a new beginning. Wrapping It Up is a blessing and It ain’t over, yet. I hope you had a blast researching and editing this series, cuz I did. I think I jumped in on this series at the INCREDIBLE  STRING  BAND and stayed on till the wrap. And you saved the best for last. Who is BERT SOMMER and where is he now? You blew my mind with that one!  What a HAPPY ENDING! Thank you. You did not disappoint, not at all, sir. PS. I went back and read your blog on BERT SOMMER and that answered my questions about that marvelous man. RIP BERT SOMMER. 

Originally posted on Why It Matters:

Goddamn, it’s over.  Time to pack up the Microbus and get back to school, to work, to the commune or the barracks.  I kicked this series off almost six months ago, and it’s been a real thrill following one Woodstock artist per week since then.  But what’s left do after Hendrix has taken his last bow but to pick up a little a little trash on my way out?

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Postcards + Sercrets = PostSecret
What a great idea! Post your confessions here.

Band Interview: Sheffield Based Band “The North”


Shoutout to Sheffield, UK, band – The North!

Originally posted on Backseat Mafia:

A few months ago the boys sent Scunthorpe Nights their latest demo, we were very impressed with the quality of the song writing, melody and feel of the music. You can tell where their influences derive from as it comes through in the sound they produce. It appears fans agree as they seem to have quite a following on social media and at performances.

The band tweeted to a fan:
The North ‏@TheNorthBandUK

 “we are working really hard on the new album and need to get it bang on before we tour it :) xxx”

So you can expect to see these boys in venues across the UK soon I expect.  This year alone they have played some pretty established venues and festivals such as The Sheffield O2 arena and Mosborough Festival among others. Not only will you spot them at various gigs and venues you can also catch them…

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Meet: Nat Johnson


Something smooth this way comes…

Originally posted on Backseat Mafia:

nat johnson

It’s not often I taken notice of a drummer. In general, drummers hang about with drummers, talking about cymbals and other stuff mere musicians don’t understand (probably like unintentionally slowing down, and wrist injuries. and that) but this particular drummer, let’s call him Carl, for the purposes this article, and the fact that that’s his name, gave me a cd of songs that he thought I ought to know about. That cd introduced me to what has become over the years, one of my favourite ever songs, Sheffield Shanty by Monkey Swallows the Universe.

Monkey Swallows the Universe – Sheffield Shanty

The singer of Monkey Swallows the Universe is Nat Johnson. I didn’t to admit to Carl he had introduced me to a gem, so I went out and bought both of the albums, and kept a close eye on it main protagonists ever since, in her various guises…

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