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A Quick Guide Through My First Protest: #NoDAPL #StandingRock #WaterIsLife

September 28, 2016

Standing with those that Pray at Standing Rock today. And always.

Edward Saunsoci

So this is my experience on September 27th 2016, thank you for taking the time to read..

“Wake up young warriors! Remember why we’re here!”

is what I woke up to. I sit up and and look around to see who was waking up the camp. They turn down another road in camp and continue with the inspiring words. I throw my shoes on, see a buddy of mine Thomas and he asks me am I headed to the front lines.

” Hell Yeah!”

I replied.

We notice that no later than 3 minutes after the voice woke the camp up that an airplane started to circle the camp. Hmmmm we wondered if there was someone who informed them that we were mobilizing.

I pull up to the gate and see all the cars heading out with us.


As we wait, I pray for safety for all those protecting the…

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