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What does an inquiry-based, first week of school look like?

September 5, 2016

Back to school?

Inquiring minds want to learn and grow.

Super ideas for teachers on the first week of school.

Making Good Humans

During this year’s staff orientation, we used inspiration from two blog posts (sowing the seeds of inquiry & 10 things to do on the first day of school) to move towards a more inquiry-based, first week with students.

Here is a glimpse into what it looked like in classrooms from KG to Grade 5…

Students helped set up their learning environment:

IMG_0021IMG_0115 IMG_0040IMG_0086

Students helped choose what to do for the first week:


Students explored the school:


Students’ questions were honoured:


Students and teachers learned about and connected with one another:


Students and teachers discussed what it means to be ‘students’ and ‘teachers’:


Students shared what they want to learn about in the coming year:

IMG_0075 IMG_0032IMG_0080

Students thought about and shared their learning preferences:


Students explored the learner profile, PYP attitudes, key concepts and action:

IMG_0147IMG_0134IMG_0105IMG_0101IMG_0100IMG_0091  IMG_0045IMG_0019

Student constructed essential agreements:

IMG_0143IMG_0133  IMG_0104  IMG_0072  IMG_0155IMG_0145

Students reflected:


Students played:


The week was a success! The feedback…

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