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From the Stacks: The Beatles – White Album (With Inserts)

March 21, 2015

THIS is why I have a fondness for James Stafford and his amazing writing! The White Album IS my go-to album for happiness, depression, everything in-between and other extreme.

One of my favourite childhood memories is Saturday afternoons, when my beloved hippie mom, would play the whole White Album on the record player, as she set to cleaning house. Thanks mom for making my childhood musically wonderful.

Thanks, James, for taking the time to put your words down on paper or whatever it is you do. Between Beatles and Bowie, there is no wrong.

Why It Matters

Beatles White Album frontThere are few albums I love more than The Beatles, better known as “The White Album.” It’s one of my go-to albums for evenings of heavy depression.

This was the first CD that I ever purchased, five years before I even owned a CD player. I owned it on cassette, and I have three copies on vinyl.

So why did I buy this copy? The inserts, of course.

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