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Throw Beck Thursday: James and a Buddy Go See Rush Circa 1981

April 7, 2016

Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson is the band, Rush. ‘Moving Pictures’ is an iconic album. Rock on.

Why It Matters

beckNinth grade was a very strange time. I was a member of The Guys In Black Tee Shirts Who Jam, but I wasn’t hardcore enough for Prevo, or prevocational school. I played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons thanks to my thirty year old yard work boss and most recent father figure, not to mention the AD&D weekends at Winthrop College with my older sister’s crowd.

But at school I didn’t fit in with the AD&D smart kids, either.  They approached me like some sort of lab creature in an Army jacket. Be nice to it. Laugh at its jokes. It fights eleventh graders, even if it loses.

Which is to say that not much had changed about my social standing since we left Colorado. I was persistently a misfit, like it or not. I wasn’t disliked for the most part, I just wasn’t quite right for clique membership. Too crude for this…

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