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Christmas & Christmas without

December 23, 2015

Glory to the new-born king! Two poems worthy of a read: Christmas and Christmas Without. #poetry

Jovis on a Journey...

The following two poems are from a very dear friend of mine who wishes to publish them anonymously for the time being. I am happy to abide by that wish, but I commend them to you as I think they are very good work.  JW


The saddest time of the year
The darkest days and longest nights
The loudest gales and wettest rain
The time for sleeping, not for growing
The time for waiting, downing tools
For wrapping up and battening down
For thinking what the year has been
For planning a future yet unseen
For calling friends to wish them well
Welcoming them in against the chill
For lighting lamps and fires too
For kindling old friendships anew
The time for family wars to cease
To get together for once in peace
To mend our differences for a day
And maybe find another way
To think about the…

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