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Room 1504: Arthur

December 19, 2015

Life is too short. So enjoy it. Awesome article about living and life. I am hooked, line and sinker. I am not going to die. I will love forever and ever. Amen.

You've Been Hooked!

Dying is easy. Anything with a pulse can die. But when the End finally arrives and the Reaper comes for us, how many of us can say we’ve truly lived?

Buckle up, folks, this one gets a little rough. I’ve tinkered with the structure a bit, just to spread my literary wings, as they say.


Many moons ago, when this mud ball we call home still had that new planet smell, a simple nameless cave dweller awoke to find a family of nomads attempting to seek shelter from a storm in his spacious abode.

He promptly beat them to death with his club.

However, the next time a family of nomads attempted to share his space he was feeling generous: he chose to restrict the fatal beating to the father, letting the children flee in terror and keeping the female for himself. And so our simple cave dweller began to…

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  1. Love the addition of the quote.
    Kudos for adjusting this to add your own special touch.
    Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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