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Lucky Bags!

November 28, 2015

A Japanese New Year’s tradition is Lucky Bags or Fukubukuro. A steal of a deal. Or not. The element of surprise is the intrigue. Yeah, I would go for fukubukuro, any day of the year. Only in Japan?

One of the Japanese New Year’s traditions you may have heard of is Lucky Bags, or Fukubukuro (福袋). Basically around the start of the year, stores will take stock they want to get rid of, put it in bags, and sell it.

Of course, they can’t just call them “Bags of junk we can’t sell” so the retailers sweeten the deal a bit to get people interested. Usually the total retail value of the goods inside will be quite a lot more than the cost of the bag, and sometimes they’ll put something really fancy in randomly selected bags. You can get really great stuff for a really great deal this way, or you can spend a ton of money on a bag full of crap. The element of surprise is a big part of the fun!

Tons of different stores have them, and some are really expensive. A lot…

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