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Stop Drop Robot’s new single out now!

March 19, 2015

Love the intro to ‘CRADLE’!

From beginning to end, ‘Cradle’ has a rhythm, that rocks!

Stop Drop Robot: Cradle

Stop Drop Robot: Cradle

DMF Digital

The new single entitled Cradle by Steel City heavyweights Stop Drop Robot makes its debut onto the scene today.

Crashing in on the back of the supermassive EP Tetralogy Aquaticus, Cradle is a soundscape of futuristic sounds and lights, comprised of Vocalist Sam’s heartfelt words and a space age electronic symphony put together by Nathan, Matt and Dan.

The song begins with grooving drums laying the foundations for a moving bass line and a sweeping synth, which is topped by smooth guitar and urging vocals. This introduces one of the bands strongest tracks yet, and impacts into the hardest the Robot has ever hit.

This is truly an amazing piece of music, and not something to be missed. When it makes its way into your ears and infiltrates your psyche, you will be taken into a world you’ve never been before, beyond the bounds of human comprehension and sending you…

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