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Book Review: “Missing Sarah” by Maggie de Vries

March 7, 2015

‘Missing Sarah’ is a book you can not put down, until you’ve read the whole story. I feel, as if, I know Sarah de Vries, after reading, ‘Missing Sarah’, even though I never met her. May you rest in peace, Sarah. Till we meet on the other side. Thank you, Maggie de Vries, for writing ‘Missing Sarah’. It is a story, I will never forget.

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Changing Lives, Changing Minds

by Allan McDougall

missingsarah1This post is a review of an excellent Canadian memoir that probes themes of female agency and victimization in the face of poverty, drug addiction, and neglect.Missing Sarah(2005), by Maggie de Vries, is the author’s autobiographical memoir of her sister, Sarah de Vries, a sex worker living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Sarah was adopted as a baby, and grew into a bright, funny, artistic child. Yet, as Maggie reflects, Sarah’s mixed-race heritage—partially African-Canadian, Mexican, and Native—caused her to feel isolated from her white siblings. In the book, Maggie reflects that these feelings of segregation may have driven Sarah to seek solace on the streets of Downtown Vancouver, partying, and experiments with drugs in her teens.

Sarah ran away from home before completing high school and eventually became addicted to cocaine and heroine, working as a prostitute to pay for drugs. As…

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