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September 15, 2014


Stop Drop Robot, aka SDR, is an electronic rock band, that hails from Sheffield, UK.

From Stop Drop Robot bio on SoundCloud:

At 12pm on August 30th 2014 Stop Drop Robot set out on an online publicity stunt; inviting fans to stay up with them through the night as they attempted to write, record and produce a new single.

As if that task was not daunting enough the band also created and release a music video within that time frame.

This is the single they created, uploaded at 4.27am on August 31st 2014; 16 and a half hours into the project.

The song itself is about how musicians sometimes feel undervalued or underestimated by their contemporaries.

I chatted with Sam Christie, frontman for the band, Stop Drop Robot and drummer, Dan Battye, about the success of #SDR24. Here’s what they had to say!

@hurdygurdygurl: @stopdroprobot how are you all feeling after #SDR24?

@stopdroprobot: @hurdygurdygurl good , new music coming your way

@hurdygurdygurl: @stopdroprobot that put a big smile on my face!

@stopdroprobot: @hurdygurdygurl 4 track EP

@hurdygurdygurl: @stopdroprobot yeah!

@hurdygurdygurl: @stopdroprobot do you have a few words about #SDR24 for the upcoming blog?

@stopdroprobot: @hurdygurdygurl it was great fun, an ambitious project from the start and we had a blast, our fans seemed to love it

@hurdygurdygurl: @stopdroprobot I am almost recovered myself 🙂

@hurdygurdygurl: @stopdroprobot what was your fav part of #SDR24?

@stopdroprobot: @hurdygurdygurl we had a lot of laughs but when the track started coming together we really loved what we had come up with

@hurdygurdygurl: @stopdroprobot any major behind the scenes catastrophes? Or near misses?

@stopdroprobot: @hurdygurdygurl no, we had our game plan and we executed it very well

@hurdygurdygurl: @stopdroprobot you got the song writ in no time; recorded, edited, produced and uploaded to SoundCloud within 16.5 hrs, that’s a fine feat!

@hurdygurdygurl: @StopDropDan how are you feeling after #SDR24?

@StopDropDan: @hurdygurdygurl feeling pretty well rested now, and just about back down to earth after it! Thanks for asking 🙂 hope you liked the track!

@hurdygurdygurl: @StopDropDan Tomahawk is powerful. And catchy!

@StopDropDan: @hurdygurdygurl yeh it does have a catchy chorus. Glad you like it!

@hurdygurdygurl: @StopDropDan Looking forward to the new tracks, too!

Thank you, Sam and Dan, for the chitchat!

It took a good twenty plays, on SoundCloud, to puzzle out the pieces of the words, to Tomahawk.

But, with Sam’s help, I nailed it! Here are the lyrics to Tomahawk by SDR! Enjoy.

by: Stop Drop Robot

Nervously I stand
A driven man
I build my house
On rock and sand

I bite my tongue
I grit my teeth
I keep the monster underneath

Apprehensively I walk
I’m the resourceful kind
Our paths have seemed to intertwine
They put us down
But we endure

We keep our thoughts on something pure

With my tomahawk
I’ll rob you of
Everything tonight
You’ll need kryptonite

I want scalps
I want blood
That won’t save your life
You meet death tonight

Anxiously I watch
I lay and wait
The futures ours to destroy or create

I make my plans
I plot my schemes
We take our sounds
To new extremes

Enthusiastically I run
I’m the free spirit kind
Building bridges in my mind
We’re under estimated
But we withstand

We run head first through no mans land

Chorus 5x

Never defeated 4x
With my tomahawk

Thank you, Stop Drop Robot, for permission to post, these lyrics.

Stop Drop Robot:
Sam Christie – vocals
Nathan Bailey – bass
Matt Ross – guitar
Daniel Battye – drums

Check out Stop Drop Robot’s music and give them a shout, so they can get to know you. I am sure, you will become fast friends!








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