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September 5, 2014


Rally the troops. Speak out loud. This battle, between BC Government and BC Teachers, has been going on, long before I graduated high school, in 1984. 

It didn’t seem to matter, what political party, was in office! What matters right now is: WE HAVE A VOICE. WE HAVE MANPOWER. WE HAVE THE WILL.

I am a registered BC voter. I am a life-long BC resident. I support BC Teachers. I support BC students. I support BC education.

Would, The Honourable, Christy Clark, our BC Premier, do what is right for our BC teachers and students, NOW!

Please read and share the following work of Lizanne Foster: IF NOT THE RULE OF LAW, THEN WHAT INSTEAD?

#BCteachers #BCstudents #BCpoli #CANADA


Ms. Jennifer Steel, Burnaby, BC

PS. Thank you, Lizanne Foster, for your passion and writing! It is contagious. I hope it spreads!

Moving Paradigms


It took Canadians over 150 years before we gained all the political structures that underpin a true democracy but it has taken the BC Liberals just 12 years to undermine the very foundations of  democracy in this province. Are we citizens going to watch the unravelling of all the work that was done so that future generations (that would be us) would benefit from having a representative, responsible government? Are we going to simply forget that our autonomy from Britain was hastened by the sacrifices of Canadian soldiers at Vimy Ridge?

Are our memories so fragile that we have forgotten that it was just  32 years ago that we got the Charter of Rights and Freedoms after a long struggle to repatriate the constitution?  Do we take those fundamental rights for granted and just allow the current government to do as it will, regardless of what the Charter guarantees?


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