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Meet: Nat Johnson

July 27, 2014

Something smooth this way comes…

Backseat Mafia

nat johnson

It’s not often I taken notice of a drummer. In general, drummers hang about with drummers, talking about cymbals and other stuff mere musicians don’t understand (probably like unintentionally slowing down, and wrist injuries. and that) but this particular drummer, let’s call him Carl, for the purposes this article, and the fact that that’s his name, gave me a cd of songs that he thought I ought to know about. That cd introduced me to what has become over the years, one of my favourite ever songs, Sheffield Shanty by Monkey Swallows the Universe.

Monkey Swallows the Universe – Sheffield Shanty

The singer of Monkey Swallows the Universe is Nat Johnson. I didn’t to admit to Carl he had introduced me to a gem, so I went out and bought both of the albums, and kept a close eye on it main protagonists ever since, in her various guises…

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