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Un-published Op-ed submitted to the Chicago Tribune on 1/28/14

May 8, 2014

America’s mental health system is shattered and in need of immediate repair.

Similarily, Canada’s mental health system is fragmented. Mental Health policy must be reviewed and renewed at the Provincial and Federal levels.

Until then, preventable tragedies will continue to occur, in both Canada and the USA. Shame.


Our Shattered Mental Health System

This Sunday, 60 Minutes did a powerful piece about Senator Deed’s son and the state of our mental health systems.  Saturday we had the shooting in the mall in Columbia, Maryland.  Weeks ago marked the anniversaries of the shooting that wounded Rep. Giffords (Jan. 8th) and Sandy Hook (Dec. 14th), and many others. 

After recently being reacquainted with a friend who shared a horrific series of events that he endured as a child/teen, it is painfully obvious that we need to address our failing and deteriorating mental health systems, specifically research, to develop and use improved diagnostic tools to properly diagnose mental illnesses. 

This friend’s parents had their child institutionalized between ages five and seventeen, at great cost, merely to be rid of him.  The private institutions happily kept him there without any medical basis or diagnosis while receiving large sums…

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