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Chris Hadfield after space: A windy road to health recovery

May 16, 2013

This is ground control to Major Tom – “You really made the grade!” Happy Re-entry and happy landings! I am so glad you are back on solid ground. And getting your equilibrium in balance according to EARTH’S gravitational forces. God bless you. Prayers. Always.

Global News

TORONTO – Canada’s favourite astronaut has returned from space without bumps and bruises, but his recovery to full health could still be a windy road.

After five months away from Earth, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield planted his two feet on the ground this week. Well, maybe with some help.

There’s the dizzy spells, bumping into corners and shuffling his feet when he walks and Hadfield is even encountering some trouble with walking up or down stairs, according to latest updates from the Canadian Space Agency.

“Spaceflight is a good model for accelerated aging. Today, Chris feels like he’s an old man,” the statement, released Wednesday, said.

At a Thursday news conference, Hadfield told reporters he’s feeling the effects of returning from space.

“It feels like I played a hard game of rugby yesterday or played full-contact hockey yesterday and I haven’t played in a while,” Hadfield said.

“My neck…

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